Ask, Seek, Knock! Matthew 7:7 (listen to the song)


  • Hide & Seek: (Don’t Give Up!) Find someone to play hide and seek with. You can either play regular hide n’ seek, or you can pick a small object (like a stuffed animal) and hide that so the other person playing can find it.
  • I’m Thinking Of: Find someone to play with. Think of someone to pray for. When it is your turn, explain something about that person or place and the other(s) will try to guess who you are thinking of. (Example: I’m thinking of someone in my class that has brown hair, etc) Then, take a minute to pray for that person and send a note, “Thinking of you!”
  • Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt: Take your camera or phone and see if you can capture the following items:
    • something green
    • someone making a silly face
    • something that starts with the letter “T”
    • something round
    • your shadow
    • something shiny
    • two things that have names that rhyme
    • a leaf
    • a flower
    • an insect
    • an unusual rock
    • a number (house number/car number etc)
  • Make a Memory Verse Game: Print out this week’s memory verse (Matthew 7). Cut it into sections. Mix it up and dump it on a flat surface. Take a straw and see if you can blow the pieces back into the right order.



  • Look up “Perseverance” in the dictionary
  • Write down 3 ways you can be persistent in prayer
  • List 10 “hard things” you have had to do (ride a bike, tie a shoe, etc), and think about how you learned to be persistent
  • Look up Perseverance in a Thesaurus, and find a list of words that are similar